Project with Regidoria d’Igualtat

Mural to commemorate the International Day Against Sexist Violence (November 25) in Manacor. At the image a woman with an empowered attitude is represented, with a purple hand marked on her mouth. Artistic high school students from IES Mossèn Alcover, the educational center where the project was carried out, have written words related to the subject at the bottom part of the work.

The portrait is based on a photo taken of the Chilean feminist activist Camila Gómez Power.

Using art as a form of expression and denunciation, in this case, was successful because the mural is very impressive. It was a process in which the students were also involved and this is also very positive. The mural is huge and powerful, and this power reaches out to the people

Carme GomilaRegidora d'Igualtat de Manacor