Project with Aproscom Fundació

The well-known Forn de Ca’n Amer de Sant Llorenç has become involved with the Som-riu project, wanting a participatory mural with the students of CE Joan Mesquida. The final result shows the process of flattening the dough and at the bottom part were written words of products or elements that they have in the business: ensaïmada, cocarroi, farina, etc.

The Som-riu project was created by me and Aproscom Fundació, which attends people with intellectual disabilities. This is born under the pretext of expressing, through urban art, the concerns of a group of young people. The involvement of professionals, families and all the people who have been collaborating in the project has been drawing and modifying the scenario, becoming a project of educational innovation and social awareness.

The creativity of all the participating hands to transform a simple facade into a living and magical facade

Xavier Amerco-owner of the bakery